Thank you for visiting. Here are some common questions we receive.

Q: How do I hang up the decal? 

A: Carefully remove a corner of the sticker backing. Slowly unroll pressing gently and remove any bubbles as you continue to un-peel the backing. Although the decal is removable, it may peel away old paint depending on the state of the wall. You can always keep the backing intact and use poster board tape instead to hang up your decal. 

Q: What art materials can I use on the decal? 

A: For best results and a clean wipe off, use washable markers or WET erase markers to completely erase your drawings. Like these or these.  You can simply remove with a damp cloth and draw over again! You can also use DRY erase markers and wipe off with a dry cloth or eraser. Note as with all dry erase boards, dry erase may leave some shadowing the longer it is kept on, so a tip is to first wipe off with a dry cloth and follow up with a wet cloth. For stubborn dry erase marks you can use a dry erase cleaner spray or we have found the Magic Eraser to work quite well and easily. Keep in mind other art materials may be permanent. Keep decal away from high heat and sun. 

Q: What else can I use the decal for? 

A: Thanks for asking. Other than encouraging kid to draw on a whim, lots actually! You can use it as a fun bulletin board and use decorative tape like Washi to stick up notes, cards or photos. You can place them side by side for larger walls to have multiple kids draw. Hang them up at a birthday party and have kids write a special note or drawing for the birthday child. Or display them up at school for special events, etc. How would you use them? Remember to tag your decals #plaefulkids on Instagram so we can share them!

Q: I received my decal and there is some bubbling on it. 

A: Due to the high quality of thick vinyl we use, this may happen during shipping. But rest assured, once unpeeled the bubbling will disappear when pressed on the wall. 

Q: How long does shipping take? Do you ship internationally?

A: Your order will ship out up to 2 business days of placing the order. Priority Mail in the U.S. takes an average of 1-3 days to arrive. We provide two options at checkout for International Shipping. First Class International takes anywhere between 7-21 days and Priority International takes 6-10 business days.  

Q: Who designed this cool decal?

A: The decal illustrations were designed by the talented Mari Richards at Smallful.